Baby Tanika >.<
*their first kid to have blonde hair

Baby Tanika >.<

*their first kid to have blonde hair

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Look at little baby Keven >,<

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Celeste went to visit Julia and the fam when she came across Abraham and his gal. Of course, I had to give her a mini makeover.

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I&#8217;m surprised. She didn&#8217;t burn the waffles.

I’m surprised. She didn’t burn the waffles.

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Available for all ages the hair was released for originally. Disabled for random. Cloned. Compressed. Custom Thumbnails. 

Soft Model: Plumbobsophy’s Base.

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being able to draw is like having so much power like ………. you could…..draw  yourself making out with ur favorite character and no one can stop you 


Cameron & Ellie

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Celeste: there is another human growing inside of me….this human’s life is basically in my hands…that’s scary…oh no and the worst part, I’m gonna be huge in a few months. D:

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I had her try her hand at cooking

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